Texas Star Floor Medallion - Customized with Your Choice of Tile

$ 749


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  • Can these medallions be installed on an outdoor porch? Are they non skid, frost proof and able to withstand foot traffic?

    Hello Mr Wilson,
    As these can be customized with the tile of your choice, we can make sure to use tiles that are designated safe to be used outdoors for your area.  In general, most porcelain tiles are frost proof and can be installed on a porch.  However, some are slippery when wet so we would need to choose a textured tile and not polished.  Regarding the tile being able to withstand foot traffic, we would want to make sure it is rated for floor installation (not just wall).  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions or would like to discuss a particular tile to use in your medallion. 
    Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson
    (832) 559-0107

  • Please advise if you do custom medallions. We are looking to replace a 48" dia. medallion in a Health Care Facility. Thanks and Regards,

    I do make custom medallions.  I would need to see the design (or sketch) of the medallion that you would like made to confirm that I am able to make it.  Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson
    (832) 559-0107

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