Custom Tile Medallions and Backsplashes

Click here to see a listing of current and recent Custom Orders (where, if we have already discussed your project, you may purchase your custom medallion, designed according to your specifications).

I can customize a Fleur de Lis, Texas Star, or Hawaiian Sea Turtle medallion for your unique project . . . or even an entirely different design.

I presently customize about half of the medallions I sell.  The most common customization is the choosing of a specific tile type / color that my customers have already selected for their kitchen, bathroom, or flooring.  A beautiful way to tie the medallion in to the surrounding backsplash or flooring is to use that exact same tile in the background areas of the medallion, with a contrasting color for both the border of the medallion and the actual Fleur de Lis, Texas Star, or Hawaiian Sea Turtle.

Customized Black and White Porcelain Tile Fleur de Lis Medallion

Custom Glass and Travertine Backsplash Medallion with Glass Fleur de Lis Insert

Common customizations include: incorporating the tile of your choice (a specific color and style), a general type or color of tile, or a specific size medallion (to 1/8 of an inch). Other, less common customizations include adding unique borders / frames around your medallion, cut-outs (i.e. for a pot filler faucet, etc.), or custom glass inserts, or even other unique designs (other than the Fleur de Lis, Texas Star, or Hawaiian Sea Turtle designs I commonly make).

If your project requires a type of tile that I am not able to purchase in small quantities here locally (The Woodlands, TX), you may have that tile shipped to me for your custom medallion.

Pricing for customized medallions is often the same as similar medallions listed on my website.  For example, if you are considering a 24” Square Fleur de Lis medallion made from the same travertine tile you have already chosen for the surrounding backsplash (or flooring) with no other customizations, the price would be the same as the 24” Square Travertine Fleur de Lis medallion listed here at – I would only need to be able to purchase that same tile individually here locally (from Floor and Décor, Home Depot, or Lowes) or have you ship it to me.  The same medallion with a unique border tile would add approximately $50 to $100 to the cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your custom medallion. 

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