Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept returns if I do not like the item I order?   Absolutely.  Any item you order from me may be returned within 30 days for a full refund.  Please see my Return Policy for more information.


    • We are having new tile installed in our home; however, I do not see this particular tile listed on your website. Can you make a medallion for us using the same tile we will have installed in our home?   Yes, I can make a medallion out of almost any tile available. The price will be comparable to the same style / size listed here at Artisan Crafted Works.  I either need to be able to purchase this tile in small quantities or have you ship me the tile you would like used in your medallion
    • The medallion / backsplash that I want is sold out. Will you be making more?   I usually have a backlog of orders which keeps me from having extra time to build medallions to place in inventory.  However, most items that are sold out can still be ordered as a "Made to Order" item. The present lead time is visible near the top of every page on my website.  Some items are no longer available as one of the included tiles (or other material) has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  
    • Are your medallions sold anywhere else?  On occasion I may put up for sale a medallion on eBay or Etsy.  However, most of my medallions are only for sale here on my website.

    • Why is the lead time so long on the Made-to-Order items?   I am the only one making the medallions and back splashes you see on my website.  Moreover,  I create these by hand (using a variety of tools).  One of my 36" Texas Star Floor Medallions takes, on average, 10 to 12 hours to create and package for safe delivery.  Orders for those items not in stock ("made to order"), will be crafted in the order received.  NOTE:  it is possible that the lead time may be a week or two shorter than noted here on my website.  Please contact me if you need to know a more accurate estimate of the lead time.


    • Can you make a custom backsplash / floor medallion with my design idea?   More than likely, I can.  Please see my Customizations page for details.

    • Do you make custom sizes of your medallions?   Yes.  I am able to make my medallions and back splashes in custom sizes and shapes.  Also, if there is a particular type of tile you would like the medallion made out of, I may be able to do that as well.  (Some types of tiles are not well suited for use in medallions for several reasons, including:  prone to obvious chipping, fracture easily when cut small, or highly pitted.)  Please see my Customizations page for more information.


    • Can I safely and securely use my credit card to make a purchase on your website?  

      Yes.  My website, is hosted on the Shopify e-commerce platform which is utilized by over 1.7 million online store owners.  Shopify is one of the top providers for both small (like mine) and large online stores (like Tesla Motors and even The New York Stock Exchange's online store).  Just like all Shopfiy stores, is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.  Additionally, every page of my website including the shopping cart is secured using SSL encryption.  Purchases made on are securely processed through Shopify Payments, which processed well over $150 billion in payments last year (2021) for stores using it’s technology.  Like all store owners using Shopify, Artisan Crafted Works never sees your credit card information. 

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    •  Do you accept Bitcoin / other crypto payments?    Yes, you may select Coinbase at checkout to pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.  I also offer a 5% discount for paying me directly with Bitcoin.  Contact me via phone / email to discuss direct payment using Bitcoin.  Please note: I do not offer a discount for paying with Bitcoin through Coinbase as I will still have to pay fees to both Shopify and Coinbase. 
    • What do you do with my credit card and payment information when I purchase one your items? If you place your order on my website, I never see your credit card information. The payment information is securely processed and the actual credit card information is not stored. If you place an order over the phone with me, I will take your credit card information and process it through Shopify Payments. After the order has been processed, I cross-shred / destroy your credit card information.


    • Do you ship internationally?   At present, I only ship within the United States and Canada.  


    • I'm an international purchaser.  Are custom fees included in my shipping total?  No, your shipping total only covers the costs associated with getting your packaged delivered to you. Beyond that, some countries impose a duty tax on incoming items as they enter the country. If you are unsure about whether or not your country has such a duty, you may wish to confirm your countries import policy before purchasing, as these duties vary from country to country.  


    • How can my backsplash or medallion be cleaned?   Most of my backsplashes and medallions can be cleaned just as you would the rest of your backsplash or floor.  For example, the ceramic floor medallion may be cleaned with the same cleaner that is used on the rest of your ceramic floor.  There is one exception:  my backsplash which includes epoxy resin (now discontinued).  This should only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners (do not use Ajax or Comet brand cleaners), nor should scouring pads or steel wool pads (SOS pads) be used.


    • Why are your large medallions divided into sections?   My larger medallions are divided into sections both for ease of shipping and for ease of handling during installation. Once installed, it is impossible to tell it was divided into sections.


    • Do you do commissions?  Yes.  If you like the style of my work, I would love to work with you to create the perfect backsplash, wall art, or floor medallion for your home, business, or church.