Custom Medallions and Back Splashes

I am able to custom create a medallion for your home, business, or church.  Customizations can be as simple as using one of my designs (Texas Star, Fleur de Lis, etc), and having it made in a different size or color.  Additionally, I am able to make your own design ideas into a medallion or backsplash.

For a business, a common customization is the incorporation of a business' logo into a tile floor medallion for a foyer or conference room.  Other options could include a medallion with the company logo for display as wall art.

Feel free to contact me by phone or email for more information.  If your customization will be for a design other than one of my designs, please send via email an image or drawing (e.g., a logo) to help me understand your unique design requirements.

Prices start at $250 per square foot.  Designs that require more cuts and / or curved cuts will be more.

Please see The Process of Creating Your Custom Medallion for a step by step of the design and creation process.