Porcelain Tile Texas Star Floor Medallion

$ 749


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  • How thick is the medallion? We are ordering traveltine which is very thick to go around our pool.

    Thank you for your inquiry,
    This particular porcelain tile is approximately 3/8" thick.  If your tile is thicker, you might discuss with your tile contractor whether or not they are able to build up the area where the medallion would be installed to bring it level with the thicker tile.  Also, I am able to make a Texas Star medallion from travertine as well - even somewhat thicker travertine.  Contact me at tracy@ArtisanCraftedWorks.com or by phone at (832) 559-0107 to discuss options and pricing.

  • Hello, Your designs are beautiful. We were wondering if the Porcelain Tile Texas Star Floor Medallion in a 30 X 30 size would be able to mount as a feature wall in a kitchen back splash above the cooktop?

    Hello Laura,
    Thank you for your kind words.  Yes, any of my porcelain tile Texas Stars can be installed either as a floor medallion or as a backsplash.  Also, I am usually able to make the medallion from the tile of your choice.  Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Tracy Jackson
    Artisan Crafted Works
    (832) 559-0107

  • Can you make any of the sizes with the 4 triangles near the corners and the 5 background pieces right next to the star in Lowes Del Conca Rialto beige? The largest of the Rialto beige is 12x12. I believe they are selling out of these. Also, is it possible to use Laticrete Epoxy grout color butter? What is the size medallion that the 12x12 would fit? I certainly would not need more than 36x36 maybe just 30x30. But more importantly to me is the 12x12 pieces would fit!

    Hello Mr Tompkins,

    The largest size Texas Star I can make using these 12" x 12" tiles for the background, if you want the pie shaped pieces to be a single piece, is 30".  However, I could actually make a 36" Star or even larger using these 12" tiles with each pie shaped section being comprised of more than a single piece.  If having this made in a 36" size with multiple pieces comprising each pie shaped background area is of interest, let me know and we can discuss possible designs within each background section (options could include: random mosaic, rays coming from center of star, pie split evenly in two, etc).  Other than an evenly split pie piece, these multiple piece options would increase the price of the medallion.

    Regarding the grout, yes, Laticrete Epoxy Grout could certainly be used.  If you will be using a tile contrator, get their input for recommended grouts.

    Call / email / text if you have any additional questions.

    Tracy Jackson
    Artisan Crafted Works
    (832) 559-0107

    P.S. - Click here to see the listing for the customized Texas Star medallion.

  • Could this be used outdoors installed within a damaged spot on a "kool deck" around a pool? If not, do you have any suggestions for this approximate 12x12" spot. I hate to replace the entire decking when only one spot is chipped off. Thanks.

    Hi Dianna,
    Since this Texas Star medallion is made from porcelain tile, it can certainly be installed outside / exposed to the elements.  Click here to see my testimonials page - scroll down and you will see this same Texas Star medallion installed on one of my customer's pool decks. However, I am not familiar with "kool deck" and do not know what would need to be done to prepare that area for installation of a tile medallion (possibly just removing the Kool deck in the size of the medallion so that the Texas Star can be installed directly on the concrete). If you are using a tile contractor, verify with them. Thank you. 

    Tracy Jackson - Artisan Crafted Works 

  • How much would the Texas Star medallion in Italian porcelain be in size 30” x 30” ?

    Hello Laura, I just added several different sizes to the listing for this Texas Star floor medallion, including a 30" x 30" option.  Thank you, Tracy

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