Marble Mosaic Fleur de Lis with Blue Tile Surround

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  • Hi - We’re interested in the marble mosaic fleur de Lis with blue tile to use as a backsplash in our kitchen. Our space is approximately 35 inches tall and 36 inches wide. What size mosaic backsplash would we need and what’s the cost with shipping, please? Thanks

    I am able to make this medallion 36" wide x 35" tall if you like - I have added that as an option for purchase.  However, each of these porcelain blue tiles are about 14"x14" - so I would have to use more than 4 of these tiles to increase the size above 28", meaning you would have additional grout lines (in case that is of concern).  If you wanted this in the 36" x 35" size, I would craft the 28" size, then add an additional border of  blue tile (or marble tile that matches the fleur de lis) around it to bring it up to 36"x35".  You might consider ordering the 28" size and have your tile contractor create the outer border - either from tile that you are already using for the rest of the backsplash or a marble that matches the marble in the fleur de lis.  I would be happy to discuss this by phone if you would like - my phone is (832) 559-0107.  If I do not answer (I do not always hear it), please leave a message and I will return your call soon.  Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson
    Artisan Crafted Works

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