Fleur de Lis (Elegance Style) Backsplash Medallion - with Mosaic Stone Insert

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  • Can you use purple and gold glass only as the accent?

    Hi Holly,

    Yes - a glass accent made from a combination of purple and gold-colored glass is certainly an option.  Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further. 

    Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson
    Artisan Crafted Works
    (832) 559-0107

  • Can you email or text to me high resolution photos of the Fleur de Lis (Elegance Style) Backsplash Medallion with Mosaic Stone Insert that shows the exact colors. I think it is mostly gray and white, but in several online photos, the marble looks like it has a bluish tint. I would like to have light blue and white look. Is there a marble that has a bluish tint? Perhaps I should purchase the surrounding backsplash tile or marble first? Is there a rule of thumb for how large the Medallion should be? We think that the area over our range can accommodate 24" x 24," but we'd like to get your opinion. If the marble only is available in gray and white, can the mosaic stone insert be light blue? Thank you.

    Hello Ms Dowling,

    Regarding medallions made with mosaic stone, I hand cut the pieces from marble tile.� If you have a specific tile in mind, I may be able to use that tile.� I would have to test that specific marble first to know if it lends itself to being hand cut - some marble fractures irregularly and I would not be able to use it.� If you do have a marble tile in mind, I would be happy to go pick up a piece (if available somewhere I can purchase� a single piece such as Floor and Decor, Home Depot, or Lowes) and test it.� Or, if from another tile shop, you could ship me a piece that I could test.� I know some marble tile does have some bluish tint - I'm just not sure if it will fracture consistently when hand cut.� Regarding the size of the medallion, if the available space for the medallion is 24" x 24", I would probably recommend a minimum size of 20" x 20" up to 24" x 24".� You could draw out a medallion on a large piece of paper / poster board and tape to wall to give you an idea.�

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at tracy@artisancraftedworks.com or (832) 559-0107.

    Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson

  • We would like to look into this backsplash in a 30wx18h. Also, we would like to do one in white and grey with bits of black. Have you done any with similar colors? If so, could you send me a picture of it. Thanks!

    Hi Gary,
    I can certainly make this in a 30" wide x 18" tall.  With regard to color, I can make it in the color of your choice.  While I have not made a mosaic stone fleur de lis using white and gray stone, I did make an art piece celebrating the Houston Astros World Series win using a marble tile that was mostly white with some gray veining.  Click here to see that piece.  If you would like to see more pictures of it if it, let me know.  While there are no "bits of black" in that piece, I could include some black glass chips / pieces as accents within the Fleur de Lis and / or, the glass accent band could be made in black.  I have added 30" x 18" as an option for purchase.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss this further.  Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson - Artisan Crafted Works
    (832) 559-0107

  • I am considering buying this in the 32" size - but I want the part around the fleur de lis to be made from the exact same Calacatta Gold marble tile that will be installed in my new kitchen. Can I send you the tile I want used for this? Also, do you offer this in other non-square sizes (maybe 32" wide but only 28" tall)? Thank you.

    Hello -  Yes, I am able to use customer provided tile to make a medallion.   I am also able to make your medallion to any size you require.  Let me know the size you would like and I will get you a quote and add that size as an option to purchase. Thanks for your inquiry.

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