Square Travertine Fleur de Lis Backsplash / Tile Floor Medallion

$ 279


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  • Can this be made in black and white

    Hi Joanna,
    I can make this from black and white porcelain and / or ceramic tile at this price.  If you want it made from black travertine tile, I would likely have to charge an extra fee to cover the cost to purchase a full box of black travertine tile (unless you are able to provide and ship to me that tile) as black travertine tile is not very common.  I found an option for it here:  https://www.tileshop.com/products/noir-honed-12-x-12-in-655993?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=surfaces_across_google  Thank you,
    Tracy Jackson
    Artisan Crafted Works

  • Can these be installed outside?

    Hello Mike,
    I do not recommend installing travertine tile outside except in locations where the ground does not freeze, such as south Florida or Hawaii.  As an alternative, I make porcelain medallions, which can be installed outside even in locations that experience regular freezing temperatures.  I can craft a medallion from porcelain tiles which resemble travertine.  Here is a similar medallion made from porcelain:  Porcelain Fleur de Lis Medallion .
    Thank you - Tracy

  • I am interested in the 30”x30” Fleur de Lis travertine floor tile. What size is the fleur de lis inset for that size? Also, do you sell the other matching tiles separately? I am planning to finish the 7’3” x 5’7” entry in front of my front doors with tile over the existing concrete. Thanks.

    Hello Harry,
    The actual Fleur de Lis within the 30" x 30" medallion measures approximately 17" tall by 17" wide at the widest point.  I do not sell the matching tiles - but the tile I use for this medallion is available at Floor and Decor locations.  The actual type of travertine available at Floor and Decor sometimes varies - but I can use any travertine they presently carry to make your medallion.  If there are no Floor and Decor locations near you, Home Depot stores usually carry 1 or 2 types of travertine which can be used as well.  Thank you - Tracy

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