Glass and Porcelain Fleur de Lis Swimming Pool Medallion

Custom Order: Three Glass Elegance Fleur de Lis for Maura

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This is a custom order for three Glass Elegance Fleur de Lis medallions (for a planned installation in a swimming pool) for Maura.

Each medallion will be a diamond shaped insert measuring 12" along each side.  Each insert will consist of 4 background 6" cobalt blue glass swimming pool tiles.  There will be a cutout within the 4 background tiles for the Elegance style Fleur de Lis. 

The glass fleur de lis will be custom made and fired in my kiln.  Each fleur de lis will consist of 6 white glass pieces with iridescent like accents within.  In the middle of each fleur de lis will be a 7th piece - this will be a single piece comprised of three "rings" of blue dichroic glass.  Each medallion will be attached to mesh for easier handling and installation.

While all three medallions will be very similar in appearance, there will be some minor variances as each is an individual work of art. 

The included picture represents the overall design of these three medallions.  The shown cobalt blue tiles in the picture are from a photo from the manufacturer of the actual type tile that is to be used.  The picture has a white elegance style fleur de lis shaped overlay (along with a 3 ring blue accent piece) representing the fleur de lis that are to be made.  Note that the picture does not show the approximate 3/16" space that will exist between the white fleur de lis and the blue background glass - just as with the space between the 4 blue background tiles, this space will also be filled with grout during installation.

Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for medallions to be created and made ready to ship.

All items are packaged to provide maximum protection during shipping.

The amount I charge for shipping is automatically calculated based on UPS's present shipping rates and covers my cost for shipping, packaging materials, and my time. The higher shipping cost for some of my items is due to the item's weight and /or bulkiness.

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The Crafting Process

I make each medallion sold on my website using a variety of manual and power tools. I start with the rough cutting of the fleur de lis, star or turtle. Next I grind smooth the edges till it is just right. I move outward from there until every piece is ready. Your medallion is then attached to mesh (or occasionally a backer board), carefully packaged, and shipped to you, ready for installation.

I Can Customize Your Medallion!

A few customizations include: made with the Tile of Your Choice, a unique, non-standard size or shape, a hole for a Pot Filler Faucet, a custom kiln-fired glass accent in the color of your choice . . . and more.


Everyone Loves the Medallion!"


The Texas Star looks amazing - it works great with our kitchen. Thank you."

San Antonio, TX

I am overwhelmed with how absolute beautiful they (3 glass & porcelain fleur de lis swimming pool medallions) are... Thank you for putting so much time and care into this very special project. "

New York

It is so beautiful!!! My mom is smiling from heaven. That was her favorite symbol. French Royals! ... THANK YOU "

New York

The fleur de lis are perfect for our retirement home.  We truly
appreciate your special attention to detail to produce the exact
backsplash we envisioned.  Our builder has shown the house to a few new clients who were intrigued by your work.  We will gladly recommend your company to others.  Thank you for everything Tracy!  Blessings to you and your family."

Tonya & Johnny
North Carolina

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