12" Texas Star Granite Backsplash Mural / Floor Medallion (Absolute Black / Black Galaxy)
12" Texas Star Granite Backsplash Mural / Floor Medallion (Absolute Black / Black Galaxy)
12" Texas Star Granite Backsplash Mural / Floor Medallion (Absolute Black / Black Galaxy)

12" Texas Star Granite Backsplash Mural / Floor Medallion (Absolute Black / Black Galaxy)

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This 12" Texas Star granite back splash mural is made from Black Galaxy and Absolute Black granites and may be installed either as a back splash or as a floor medallion.  This backsplash has both types of granite on each of the 5 radials of the star, solid Absolute Black pieces between the radials of the star, random mosaic style corners, and 1/8" average grout spacing.  This Texas Star medallion is the same size as 12" granite tile, and will therefore fit perfectly during installation in place of a 12" tile.  It comes on mesh backing for easy handling and installation.

While the star is aligned for this back splash to be installed in a straight lay pattern (90° angle), your installer can easily alter this to be installed in a diagonal pattern (45° angle) by cutting the mesh backing at the circle and rotating it 45°.  If you would like me to do this before shipping, please leave me a note in the cart under "Add special instructions for your order..."  There is no extra charge; however, please allow up to 2 additional business days handling time for the adhesive to dry.

  • Dimensions:  12" x 12"
  • Tile Thickness:  3/8"
  • Granite types:  Black Galaxy and Absolute Black
  • Grout Spacing:  approx 1/8" 
  • Style code: TD14-1212

The overall style of the backsplash / medallion you receive will be identical to the picture.  However, it will be unique in the minor variances of color and pattern common in tile.  Additionally, since each of these mosaic backsplashes are hand crafted, there will necessarily be differences in the cuts that make up the mosaic fill.  These are some of the characteristics that make your backsplash not only unique, but a work of art.

Note:  The last 2 pictures here were taken outside with alternating sun and clouds.  The blue sky gives the Absolute Black granite a slight blue hue in the pictures.  Additionally, you can see the reflection of the clouds on some parts of the medallion.

Do you have questions about this item or any of my medallions, backsplashes, or art?  Please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone.  

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The Crafting Process

I make each medallion sold on my website using a variety of manual and power tools. I start with the rough cutting of the fleur de lis, star or turtle. Next I grind smooth the edges till it is just right. I move outward from there until every piece is ready. Your medallion is then attached to mesh (or occasionally a backer board), carefully packaged, and shipped to you, ready for installation.

I Can Customize Your Medallion!

A few customizations include: made with the Tile of Your Choice, a unique, non-standard size or shape, a hole for a Pot Filler Faucet, a custom kiln-fired glass accent in the color of your choice . . . and more.


Everyone Loves the Medallion!"


The Texas Star looks amazing - it works great with our kitchen. Thank you."

San Antonio, TX

I am overwhelmed with how absolute beautiful they (3 glass & porcelain fleur de lis swimming pool medallions) are... Thank you for putting so much time and care into this very special project. "

New York

It is so beautiful!!! My mom is smiling from heaven. That was her favorite symbol. French Royals! ... THANK YOU "

New York

The fleur de lis are perfect for our retirement home.  We truly
appreciate your special attention to detail to produce the exact
backsplash we envisioned.  Our builder has shown the house to a few new clients who were intrigued by your work.  We will gladly recommend your company to others.  Thank you for everything Tracy!  Blessings to you and your family."

Tonya & Johnny
North Carolina

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