Designing a "Santorini" Blue Palmette Medallion for my Wife

My wife has always liked clean lines and simpler styling when it comes to our home.  She has never been interested in me making a Texas Star or a Fleur de Lis for the entry of our home, nor for installation as a backsplash in our kitchen. 

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston several years ago, we were one of the many who were flooded.  For a time, I did not make any medallions so that I could focus on rebuilding our home.  As I worked on the house, I dreamed up several design ideas with the hope my wife would like one and that I could install it in our home as we were rebuilding. 

A few months after Harvey hit, we got new flooring installed in our home . . . but, it did not include any of my designs :(   Well, I began thinking about a trip my wife took with her cousin and friends to Greece.  She loved visiting Greece, in particular, her visit to the Greek island of Santorini.  The beautiful blue of Santorini Greece

She had mentioned that she would somehow like something in the kitchen that had the blue colors she saw in the ocean around Santorini and on some of the rooftops.  I got to thinking and started searching for Greek designs - I found a design called a palmette.  Just as there are many styles of fleur de lis, there are many designs of palmettes.  I showed her some.  She liked a few.  I made some alterations to one of the palmette designs she liked the most and showed it to her.  She really liked that design.  I then made glass samples in my kiln looking for just the right color.  Even though she liked the idea of a "Santorini" blue, she also liked the idea of using it with some white or gray.  I made several blue palmettes - though beautiful, they were not quite the right color.  Then I tried a new combination with white, blue and clear glass along with dichroic.  The result was striking and beautiful . . . and . . . the right shade of blue!