Commissioned TCU Wall Art Piece (#3)

I got busy and forgot to post pics of the completed TCU Wall Art.  Here are some pics of the completed piece.  It measures 24" wide by 17" tall and approx 3/4" thick.  It includes the needed hanging hardware.  Since it was hand delivered, I did not think to weigh it (as I would have for shipping).  I would guess it weighed 20 to 25 pounds.  This multi media piece included: marble, glass chips, Italian art glass accents, stained glass accents, and resin.

As I was nearing completion, one of our friends came by and saw the unfinished piece.  A partner in their business is also an enthusiastic TCU alumnus and fan.  Long story made short:  it looks like I will make a similar commissioned TCU piece.

Closeup of TCU Horned Frog Logo Art

The customer who commissioned me to create this piece agreed that I could make it again for someone else.  However, each piece I make will have different accents / colors to make it unique.  I think this would also look good with a lighter colored Horned Frog. 

Closeup of TCU Logo Artwork with mirrored accents

I am also able to make wall art pieces with the logos of other teams / universities.  Price will vary depending upon the level of detail required in the logo and overall size.  This multi media TCU Horned Frog piece in this size is $1700.