The Process of Creating Your Custom Medallion

If you like the style of my medallions, but would like a medallion made with a design other than the Texas Lone Star or Fleur de Lis, I can do that.  The process shown below is from an actual custom medallion I crafted for The Digital Bible Society for installation in their new offices, using their logo in the design.

First Step:  I need pictures or drawings of the design you would like to be the focal point of the medallion.  In this case, my customer (and friend) wanted their logo in the design.  This is the actual logo of The Digital Bible Society.
Step Two:  Using your images, drawings, or logo, I will design a mosaic floor medallion in the same style as my other works, making a sketch of this design.  This is the drawing I submitted to the client for his approval. 

Step Three:  Choose tile that will be used.  After receiving samples of the actual tile they were going to use for the room, I sent pictures of several tile options for the medallion.  The tiles shown in this image are the ones they chose.

Expect periodic updates during the crafting process.  These are photos taken during this time.  I sent several pictures of the medallion as it was being made.
Another image of this tile floor medallion.
Here is the finished medallion before delivery to the customer.


Below are several photos of this custom ceramic and porcelain medallion after installation.

*Full Disclosure:  Ken, the founder of The Digital Bible Society and the customer above, is a close friend of my family and I.