Fleur de Lis Tile Inserts

A Tile Insert is the piece of art or tile accent, usually at the center of a backsplash mural or medallion.  A fleur de lis tile insert will be the artistic focal point of your kitchen or bath.  Backsplash Inserts may be purchased individually, or along with a Surround to complete your backsplash mural or medallion.  

NOTE:  With multiple intricate curved cuts required within the backsplash for a Fleur de Lis Tile Insert, most tile contractors will not have the specialized tools required to cut tight curves. If you are considering purchasing the Backsplash Insert without a surround, confirm that your tile contractor will be able to make the curved cuts needed to make the completed backsplash beautiful.   If, however, you want a complete backsplash mural or medallion ready to be installed, purchase the Insert of your choice along with a matching Surround.